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Fima. Escorts in Paris

Fima is a real lady. Light brown hair, a cheerful look and beautiful dark eyes. She enjoys all aspects of life and wants to experience as much as possible. She is very passionate and really wants to work as a Russian escort in Paris, because she can put a lot of her personality into it. Fima is a lady who always puts someone first and you will also notice this during a date with her; your wishes and giving you an unforgettable evening is her priority during an evening. She will certainly pamper you during a date with her. She is currently studying for Nurse and wants to specialize in Child Nursing. This is the perfect profession for her, because she is extremely caring by nature and especially longs to giving others a good feeling. Fima does not like sitting still and prefers to be active all day long. Passion is important to her. In addition, this lady is also creative and she is busy writing a book that she spends time on daily when she is not busy with other things. Are you looking for a Girl Next Door that could be your neighbour girl, then she is the right lady for you.
Hello Everyone, Let me introduce myself. I am Fima, a half Russian, half American girl working as professional escort in Paris. I was born and brought up in USA and came to France because I love Frncais culture as well as to establish myself as a model. I started working as a courtesan on part-time basis but soon like it so much that I decided to pursue it full time. Right now, I offer my exclusive love service to elite class in Paris. Most of my clients are high profile people such as businessmen, lawyers, corporate executive etc. I am available for dinner dates, social parties and for overnight stay. I look quite different from rest of girls. I have straight jet black hair, voluptuous figure, long legs and nice busts. I wear t-shirt and skirts for making out. I start my seductive class with striptease, then move to whole body kissing and finally make out through Kama Sutra positions.

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